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Morinville Citizens on Patrol

Additional Eyes and Ears for the RCMP

Follow protocol - report the incident to the RCMP from a safe location. If you see an impaired driver, call 9-1-1.
Absolutely, yes. Volunteers are not required to display their M.C.O.P. affiliation to the public.
No. C.O.P. volunteers are not police or peace officers. While there may be situations where following another vehicle could be helpful, at no time may any traffic laws be broken, especially speed limits and stop signs. C.O.P. volunteers are not authorized to pull another vehicle over.
No. C.O.P. volunteers act as additional eyes and ears. We observe and report. We do not confront or interfere. Your personal safety while on patrol is the most important thing.
C.O.P. volunteers may initiate an investigation only by reporting suspicious activity. Observe and report. Do not interfere.
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No. C.O.P. Volunteers do not have any powers of enforcement or arrest beyond any other member of the general public. We only observe and report.
The definition of volunteer means we are not paid for our work. Legitimate pre-approved expenses are reimbursed and a vehicle mileage allowance may be given for patrols.
Funding for the Morinville C.O.P. comes from Alberta Gaming and Lottery Commission (casinos) and from the generosity of Morinville organizations and businesses.
Yes. There are over 1,300 individuals volunteering in 58 C.O.P. organizations across Alberta. There are C.O.P. programs across Canada and the United States. Other countries have similar programs. Get involved!
No, C.O.P. volunteers are not driving emergency vehicles. Volunteers may opt to display a magnetic sign with the C.O.P. logo on their vehicles while on patrol. Some members believe the sign helps deter crime while other members prefer to remain anonymous and do not put signs on their vehicle.
All residential, retail, recreation, and industrial areas within the Town boundaries including the west and south industrial areas, South Glens, and Cardiff.
Very rarely, a member of the public may decide to "turn the tables" and shadow or follow a C.O.P. volunteer while on patrol. Your personal safety while on patrol is the most important thing. Call in to report the situation. An RCMP member will quickly present a learning opportunity to the "tail".
If you meet the criteria below, email us and we’ll arrange to answer all your questions and start the process.