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Morinville Citizens on Patrol

Additional Eyes and Ears for the RCMP


Our core activity is conducting patrols and reporting suspicious or unlawful activity to the RCMP. Each C.O.P. Volunteer is expected to perform about one 2 hour patrol per month.

Vehicle Patrols

Our volunteers pair up and using their own vehicle drive through Morinville and Cardiff including residential, recreational, commercial and industrial areas. Volunteers on patrol may also chose to park and quietly observe an area such as a park or playground from a discreet distance.

Vehicle expenses are paid to the vehicle driver at the Revenue Canada approved rate. A typical 2 hour vehicle patrol covers about 40 kms. The kit bags provided to each volunteer includes everything they need for a patrol except a cell phone and a cup of coffee.

In 2011 our members volunteered ~900 hours of their time and covered over 1,800 kms on vehicle patrols.

Bicycle Patrols

Seasonal bicycle patrols are also conducted by many of our volunteers. These patrols can cover areas not accessible by vehicle and as a bonus, gives those volunteers a little extra exercise. Our C.O.P. bicycles are of modern design and equipped with proper safety devices and bags for carrying equipment.

Foot Patrols

Our volunteers also do foot patrols, usually along the walking trail system and in the downtown core. Your regular evening walk can become valuable volunteer time benefiting our community.

Problems Reported

Some examples of problems our volunteers have reported to the RCMP: