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Morinville Citizens on Patrol

Additional Eyes and Ears for the RCMP

Theft From Vehicles Awareness

Our newest initiative started in 2009 with the goal of educating drivers about the potential risk of the theft of items from their vehicles. Although this is a year round problem, we concentrate our efforts around the Christmas holiday season.

Drivers sometimes make their vehicles tempting targets by:

We patrol parking areas in Morinville and will leave a “ticket” (right) and an Alberta Motor Association (AMA) information card under the windshield wiper of every unoccupied vehicle. We also acknowledge the efforts of drivers whose vehicles have none of the problems noted above and who have an obvious vehicle anti-theft device installed. Our volunteers do not try to open a door to see if it is locked or otherwise touch a vehicle except to slip the “ticket” under the wiper. We have had very positive feedback from this initiative which has been featured in local newspapers.